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The company “PPH ORION” specializes in the production of rollers and reels for the crop machines such as: AMAC, ASA-LIFT, AVR, DEWULF, FRANS KLEINE, FRANS VERVAET, FRANQUET,GRIMME, HOLMER, KVERNELAND, MATROT, MOREAU, REEKIE, ROPA, SIMON, WUHLMAUS etc.

The company was established in 1991. It has been focused on the production of repair parts for harvesters since the beginning at the market. The harvesters are mainly used for picking up sugar beets and potatoes. We have as a company the biggest experience in the production of the type of parts in Poland. We have also a machine park which offers work within the metal forming, rubber vulcanization and plastic injection.  All in all, we are willing to cooperate.

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